Bodywork by Denise
Helping You Find Balance

About The Practitioner

Hi! My name is Denise Austin. I received my diploma from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic. I have 1350 hours of training in Shiatsu (including training in Chinese Medicine) and Therapeutic Massage. In addition to this, I have training in Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage and I am also a Birth Doula.

My goal at Waves of Wellness has always been to provide the most peaceful, nurturing and relaxing experience for each client. I have found that by utilizing various styles of massage and Shiatsu, a powerful and healing energy is allowed to flow. This provides an extremely tranquil environment where my clients can truly relax and simply 'be.' This state is where new levels of peace and well-being are discovered that many did not think possible.

 Having optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is a foundational element of true well-being. We all want to feel good and everyone has the innate ability to allow and therefore receive healing in many different forms. Unfortunately, most of us have become so immersed in the stressors that surround us, we disconnect from ourselves. We end up feeling overwhelmed and depleted. This can show up in the form of physical and/or emotional pain, often times causing us to experience an overall imbalance. The good news is, this can also serve as a gift, nudging us to make the effort to take better care of ourselves. If we create space in our lives to pause and give our active mind a rest, we can actually let go enough to go within, opening up endless possibilities for healing.

I love to help people help themselves in guiding their body towards relaxation and healing. It would be an honor to join you in the co-creation of this powerful healing experience. I have always been attracted to the healing arts. I am the mother of three grown sons and just recently became a grandmother to one beautiful grandson!

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